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Sonos/Bose - SoundTouch speakers/Denon

The Sonos/Bose application is a standard feature of the Ubie and the Ubie KNX. Ubie automatically detects any Sonos/Bose SoundTouch systems in the installation and displays these in a list. Users may then easily add their Sonos/Bose to the Qbus Control application so one app may be used to control several separate smart appliances simultaneously, connect them, create scenes, ... Should users have a Qbus or KNX installation, they may also assign the Sonos/Bose output to switches, detectors and other operating controls of the home automation system so as to be able to control Sonos/Bose accordingly.



Check here how to connect Sonos or Bose with Ubie.


Updated: 26/04/2017

Version: 1.0



Developer: Qbus