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Ubie® connects your Smart Devices with each other and with Home Automation.

Ubie® connects your Smart Devices with each other and with Home Automation.

Extension of Qbus or KNX

Connect your Qbus or KNX home automation system with Sonos, Hue, Nest,…

Pushing the “All Off” switch will not only deactivate all your home automation outputs, but will also turn off the Sonos music system and your Philips Hue lamps.


Plug & play KNX user interface

Ubie creates a link between your KNX installation and a plug & play UbieCloud application. UbieCloud allows the user to operate his KNX installation, set clock times, scenes and alarms, manage users etc. via any smart phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world.


Ubie integrates individual smart devices

Ubie allows to control Sonos music system, Philips Hue lighting, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, … as though they were just one system. Selecting the “Party”-scenario on the UbieCloud will select the right playlist on the Sonos, dim the Hue lights to 50% and turn the thermostat up a notch.


€ 339

Link your Internet of Things devices with each other and with Qbus Home and Building automation systems.

€ 599

Use Ubie box KNX to integrate a plug&play Cloud application into a KNX installation and to connect your KNX-installation with individual smart devices. 

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Future-oriented technologies in an architect's loft.

Architect Olivier Salens - famous for his  pioneering and internationally acclaimed projects, such as the National Archives in Bruges and the cruise terminal in Zeebrugge, was determined to have future-oriented technologies in his loft apartment.