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New icons for scenes on Qbus Control

Qbus Control keeps on moving


We continue to build the Qbus Control app with feedback from our users. After the graphs to easily track your usage, new smart devices are added - such as the powerful Bose SoundTouch speakers, the IKEA Symfonisk speakers or control via Alexa, the client can also easily create scenes. Easily done, without many efforts.


And because creating scenes is so easy, we were also asked to personalize scene icons per room. We ended the year with a Christmas scene icon and start 2020 with a whole series of new scene icons.

Discover them now in your Qbus Control. 


Both in the native app, Qbus Control via browser and on the Tastu Display, all icons are alike in terms of design, look & feel. A recognizable and intuitive story that is supported by the consistent use of the icons on all platforms.