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Two showrooms, two systems, one interface

Two showrooms with two different systems, effortlessly controlled via a single tablet and interface. In brief, that’s the technology behind the two freshly renovated showrooms for Lunoo, a lighting manufacturer focusing on the retail market. Qbus, who specialises in smart technology, overhauled the showrooms to deliver a flawless, user-friendly installation.

New icons for scenes on Qbus Control

Qbus Control keeps on moving

Intuitive operation of your lighting, heating, sound, alarm system, etc. is crucial for the ease of use of the residents of an automated house. That's why Qbus Control keeps on moving!

Future-oriented technologies in an architect's loft.

Architect Olivier Salens - famous for his  pioneering and internationally acclaimed projects, such as the National Archives in Bruges and the cruise terminal in Zeebrugge, was determined to have future-oriented technologies in his loft apartment.