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Integrate your Sonos/Bose SoundTouch system into a Qbus or KNX installation or simply with other smart appliances. 

Integrate your Philips Hue lighting into a Qbus or KNX installation or have the lighting dance on your playlist.  

The  Qbus protocol is also supported by Ubie. Ubie can be used to connect smart appliances  and also KNX systems with Qbus. 

Use Ubie to integrate a plug&play Cloud application into a KNX installation and to connect your KNX-installation with individual smart devices. 

Ubie effortlessly links your IP camera and smartphone so you can view live images remotely using Qbus Control. 

Symfonisk wifi speakers, a development of IKEA and SONOS, seamlessly connects with Ubie.

The Satel Integra alarm systems can also be controlled by Ubie. The combination of both systems offers a lot of additional functionality for the user

The integration of Alexa and Google Home with Ubie makes it easy to control your Qbus home automation installation in combination with all of your favorite connected devices with smart voice commands.

New apps are constantly being supported by Ubie. As soon as these are available  they are communicated via the Qbus Control application. 

The Ubie and Google Calendar Integration will allow Qbus Control users to control their smart home or smart building through advanced calendar integration. Agenda events can automatically be linked to actions and scenes. 


Future-oriented technologies in an architect's loft.

Architect Olivier Salens - famous for his  pioneering and internationally acclaimed projects, such as the National Archives in Bruges and the cruise terminal in Zeebrugge, was determined to have future-oriented technologies in his loft apartment.