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Future-oriented technologies in an architect's loft.

“As an architect I obviously know how residential building activities develop, and I was determined to have nothing but top-quality, future-oriented technologies in my own apartment. A regular electrical installation was not an option, as I could no longer make adjustments or changes after a certain period. For example, I can see major developments affecting building technologies, so we would have had to adjust or upgrade our electrical installation. Accordingly, an increasing number of different lighting control standards are being introduced, while new smart appliances are appearing everywhere - smart coffee machines, smart doorbells, smart audio systems, … I want to be able to connect them, while being sure they can be seamlessly integrated into my home automation system." 


Bring on the future! - Olivier Salens, architect.

The Qbus home automation in Olivier's apartment controls the heating, the lighting, screens, and the large windows that convert the top floor into a covered terrace in the summertime. “I also have a Sonos sound system and a few portable Philips Hue lamps for the roof terrace. These couldn't be connected to my Qbus system to start with. My Party scene did activate the lighting, screens and heating but I still had to use the Sonos app to choose the right music and the Hue app to select the colour required for the Hue lamps.
Adding Ubie was plug&play. As soon as the network cable was connected in Ubie, Ubie automatically detected I had a Qbus, a Hue and a Sonos system in my apartment. It was child's play to link these systems - when I press on my switch to activate the Party scene, my favourite playlist also starts to play and the Hue lighting enters the colour loop I have chosen. If I subsequently buy some more smart appliances I can also use Ubie to integrate them into my Qbus system. So roll on the future!”