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Google Calendar

The Ubie and Google Calendar Integration will allow Qbus Control users to control their smart home or smart building through advanced calendar integration. Agenda events can automatically be linked to actions and scenes. A predefined environment can be created on a calendar event. For example, inviting friends over for dinner can activate a diner scene, setting the lights in the dining room at a specific dim level, activating a music playlist, … In a smart building, it can be used to control meeting rooms, set the temperature and light at pre-defined values.
The integration uses tags or specific calendar entries to activate predefined scenes. Only calendar ID’s and calendar events are stored in our database.
The app enhances functionality for a calendar user so he can not only use his calendar for event planning but the added functionality of controlling the smart home through specific calendar entries is definitely an added value. This integration is standard on Ubie and Ubie/ KNX.


Check here how to connect with Ubie.




Updated: 11/09/2020




Developer: Qbus